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So I’m sure you guys are all aware of what’s been going on from the blog posts on the front of the site, your social medias and the news. The big question I’m sure you’re all asking in the chat and in your sit chats is as a community what are we going to do?

We’re going to unite.

I’m sorry about the layer of cheesiness in that statement, but you understand my meaning. If you haven’t seen the video yet, there was a discussion about the charity a day or so ago and we decided on putting together a 24 hour telethon style livestream for 24 hours on the 13th of June starting at 12noon CST. Check this out for some more info.

If you take a look to the right side of the site you can see the current standing of the charity fundraiser that we’re currently hosting. What we have planned is for all proceeds to go to the family of the girl who was attacked in Waukesha, WI and to an organization that centers around helping victims of violent crimes.

Now, CreepyPastaNetwork members I’m sure you’re all asking what can you do to help with this.

I’m glad you asked. 24 hours only has so many time slots for live readers and there’s literally thousands of you on this website so to make sure everyone gets included and can show your support we’re asking for pictures either taken or drawn of you (or your persona if you prefer to remain anonymous) with 1 or more of 3 different things.

  • a piece of paper with a clearly written #uNIGHTed
  • The yellow rose either physical or drawn since this is the symbol for our campaign
  • the slogan “Creativity not Reality”
  • I have to ask you all to NOT include anything Slenderman or operator symbol related. If you do, we won’t be able to use it.
  • We have even created a downloadable poster for you to use, and print out CLICK HERE

Any and all images are to be emailed to the email we’re using for all things relating to this charity with a link to your youtube channel or a name you’d like associated with the photo, please. All the photos will be used in a slideshow visual for the stream as narrators are reading. This way we can make sure that you’re heard and that everyone gets a chance to show their support.

And of course we want to get as many viewers to the stream as we can, so tell you channels, tell your blogs, tell your facebook and tell your parents. We’re hoping this can come an annual event which means we want to have a great first year.

You can help us out by donating to our fundraiser at:

Like our Facebook Page at:

Follow us on Twitter at:

We’re a community that works together and there are people out there that need our help. Let’s do this, guys. 

  1. Profile photo of Zuro Plus
    Zuro Plus 8 months ago


  2. Profile photo of QuietlyStalking
    QuietlyStalking 8 months ago

    This is an excellent idea! I’ll be sure to draw something for it.

  3. Profile photo of MamaMidnight
    MamaMidnight 8 months ago

    I’m game. Let’s do this.

  4. Profile photo of theshadownarrator
    theshadownarrator 8 months ago

    I’m defiantly gonna draw a picture for this! I love what we’re doing as a community for the family of this tragedy and others of abuse.

  5. Profile photo of ArcticWolf
    ArcticWolf 8 months ago

    Sent :)

  6. Profile photo of Mali
    Mali 8 months ago

    I’ll be sure to draw something for this before working on any other projects!

  7. Profile photo of Liz Gera
    Liz Gera 8 months ago

    Yes! I will also participate!

  8. Profile photo of Midnite|Marshall
    Midnite|Marshall 8 months ago

    I think this is a great idea. I’ll be sure to participate. It’s time to reach out, people!

    • Profile photo of Midnite|Marshall
      Midnite|Marshall 8 months ago

      Just one thing, though: I may not be signing into the livestream until sometime in the afternoon. Noon CST is 10am for me, and I’ll be working during that time. But I will certainly jump in the moment I’m free from my shift :)

  9. Profile photo of Stories Of Urban
    Stories Of Urban 8 months ago

    Da Fucking Feels! I’m going to do this…

  10. Profile photo of Christianus Iscariot
    Christianus Iscariot 8 months ago

    I might have to use a generator for the persona/OC pic, but the yellow rose will be easy enough with one of those

  11. Profile photo of QuietlyStalking
    QuietlyStalking 8 months ago

    I have designed a persona, however she has tentacles and wears a red necktie and black shirt. Is this going to be too much of a Slenderman-like design to be used? If so I can change her clothing or design.

  12. Profile photo of Sudeni Mita
    Sudeni Mita 8 months ago

    I’ll do some art for this. ^.^ I should be done soon~

  13. Profile photo of Liz Gera
    Liz Gera 8 months ago

    JUST emailed my submission. Hope you guys enjoy it!

  14. Profile photo of Dark Angel Girl
    Dark Angel Girl 8 months ago

    Did anyone one hear? There was another incident. This time a girl try to stab her mother.

    • Profile photo of Midnite|Marshall
      Midnite|Marshall 8 months ago

      Yeah, the girl in Ohio. This is getting out of hand! Two stabbing incidents in one month?? Jeez! :O

      • Profile photo of Dark Angel Girl
        Dark Angel Girl 8 months ago

        And of course the cumminty gets the blame. I bet if this was a case about a famous artist’s song causing it. Then everyone will believe the own girl’s actions is what matters.

        • Profile photo of Light Rowe
          Light Rowe 8 months ago

          Please do not reference that while on this site. It is a hot topic and something of that nature is sensitive enough as it is, so we do not need another whole incident because someone finds comments made on this site sounding like the users are complaining about something tragic.

          • Profile photo of Dark Angel Girl
            Dark Angel Girl 8 months ago

            ok, and I do find the Wisconsin tragedy very sad. I hope and pray that the girl wont be scared for the rest of her life. But I’ll stop if that is the issue. Sorry, I did not know that.

  15. Profile photo of Al
    Al 7 months ago

    alright :)

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