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    My name is Kyle a year ago I have been in an accident but not one of those car accidents no this is much worst. A year ago I worked in a top secret organization , more hidden and secret named SCP with stand for Secure,Contain,Protect. SCP was this top secret base in which we secure these type of creatures after we contain them we contain them so they won’t escape from where they are last but not least we protect them sence they are not a common type of creature.For every creature we capture we give them a name SCP then a number. There hundreds of them thousand even.
    It was 2005 one year after the incedent scientist send in human test subject to see how the SCP’s would react to them every test subject alway came out with the same result death. Testing and testing people dying left and right scream yelling out for help every minute. Untile one day I was sleeping peacefully on my bed when a group of Soldeirs busted into my cell and said “Come with us and don’t try any funny business we are otherized to shot you”. Know I had no choose I follow them threw hallway that seemed like a life time to go through. After we got to out destanation by my side where two other test subject. The soldiers told us to go in , knowing we didn’t have choice we stepped in. As we stepped in we saw this creature or SCP .As we stepped in the iron door behind us close .We heard a loudspeaker and it said “Welcome to the testing chambers please look directly to SCP-173. SCP-173 or known as The structure is a very special creature it killed it prays by snapping the base of the neck , it only weakness is staring at it if you blink it moves. Good luck ” we stared it for a few seconds when one of the my men pushed me aside and looked at it with a big stare and said ” Are you bullshitting me “. The lights turned of for a quick second and my men he was on the floor an announcement came out and said “sorry there has been a mounfunction with the light “. The man foolishly running for the door begging to let him out . I stood in the corner blinking uncontrollably as SCP-173 got closer to the pleading man after a two blink he was on the floor quite. The doors finally open and let me out but the other men didn’t make it I was glad I made it out. An announcement came out saying ” where are having problems closing the door the lock has been busted please remain eye contact on SCP-173″
    The lights where flicking off and on I can tell something bad is going to happen. I heard gun shots all the bullets aiming at SCP-173 taking no effect he snapped all there necks in 10 fast second after a while the light turned on piles of bodies on the floor no life from a mile away but one , someone standing still not moving still almost as a statue the lights turned off and back on….. He was gone. I ran for the exit after I got I made a big stop looking in fear right in front of my face was SCP I dared not to blink knowing if I do I can die. The lights turned off again knowing that I’m fucked the light turned back on SCP was no where to be seen I ran for my life to my car drove far away from there as possibly. Ever since that day I see it in the corner of my eye.Thats why i’m recording this as I speak. To who ever is seeing this SCP is real.(turns off light and a loud cracking sound)

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    Seems very similar to the Containment Breach video game.

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    yeah it kind of based of the game but not every detail

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