Fractions the follow up to Percentages

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    I’ve always hated going down this road. It’s just one of those things it’s normally one of those roads that you have to walk on the grass and there is no path. It’s the way back home. There has been a curfew going on… people going missing and then coming back with scars and cuts and bruises with no recollection on what has happened except for one word. Perfection. Now the police can’t find this twisted maniac. Everyone is in a stupor. I have to get back home. The car breaking down doesn’t help but well it’s not that far luckily the weather is nice today.

    I stalk her quietly. She is a young model showing off her body and making her believe she’s perfect 100 pictures… selling them on the internet. Making everyone. Feel like that they can become perfect. How dare she. I will show her why and everyone else why. They just call me a twisted maniac. How wrong are they. I’m just a visionary. I show the world. What the Real truth is. That %0 of us are perfect!

    Why do I have the feeling I’m being watched from somewhere? It must be my imagination I mean there are cars coming past so maybe that’s just making me on edge. To be honest it is late ah it’s probably just my nerves calm down. You just dislike this road of the cars coming past and them crashing into you or stopping… to kidnap you and most of them are probably tired families that are coming home from work or something. Stop getting scared of stupid things. My house is just round the cor- what was that?

    Quiet. Keep quiet. You want her to see you? NO. Stop thinking about screwing up I know you’re not perfect. Realise this and continue following her but don’t be seen. This has a fail rate of 10% she’s an idiot a first grade %100 ditz. Just Focus and carry on she’s almost to her house. That’s when I strike .

    Probably some bird or something in the bushes or something. Why am I getting so scared of this road. I mean it’s just a road we normally walk on every day so why does it scare me so. Heh I guess well with a job like mine you could have men oogling you for a while from the bush. Ah there we are home sweet home… I picked here as it was peaceful and nice the location with a small orchard where I could just relax. It’s three stories to with my studio being in the basement and my bedroom on the third floor! Again birds flying out of the bush wait…

    Got You. You’re my next piece. OF. MY. MESSAGE.

    2 weeks later a day before the for finding her
    “Where… am I? I’m so cold…. So scared.
    Perfection… why can’t I stop thinking about it. That word. It’s like it’s haunting me. Make it stop… make it stop!”

    ‘I don’t think it ever will. Just like Me.”


    “I’m not answering WHY.”

    The day after finding Katarina

    News Report
    A missing person has been found after three weeks of searching for her. Her name was Katarina Farrow a young model that was last seen returning home three weeks ago. She had been left in the forest rambling about how imperfect the world was and had a note written to police written in what seems to be blood.

    The note read.
    The world is imperfect.
    You all shall realise it one day.
    No one can escape truth.
    We’ll all die one day.
    You call me a murderer
    I’m just a visionary.
    Whether I bring it down on your or not.
    You’ll see…
    You all will see.
    From your bleeding eye sockets.
    How imperfect you really are…
    PS. You’re next.

    “This is freaky stuff and if you find anything suspicious around your neighbourhood report it to the police immediately because we do not want this to happen to anyone else in the future even if it is small and our condolences go out to the family of Katarina may she rest now in safe hands and keep her calm. Now on with Geoff with the weather.”

    I’ve made my point…
    You’ve seen what I can do.
    Now look out your window do you see a bush?
    I may be there waiting for you to just relax…
    And then… you’ll see how perfect you really are.
    Just. Like. Little. Katarina.
    She liked perfection… and now she can’t get out of her mind…
    Just like… me.

    Remember if you enjoyed this or not I’d love criticism on the story and your opinions.
    Also It has two characters Katarina And the person from Percentages. A prequel will be coming soon. Hope you enjoy.

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