Easter Egg on Yoshi's Island

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    I am not the best at typing stories but I need people to know what happened to me, everyone else thought I made it up but PLEASE listen…

    About two weeks ago I had to have my Wii formatted due to it overheating too much, but oddly enough I got it back about a week ago. What makes this odd is that they usually take FOREVER to fix, but to my surprise it only took a week. Nevertheless I shrugged that thought off and plugged it to play it yet again, this is what pissed me off. I LOST EVERYTHING! All of my games and data, including my virtual cash for it. You did not have to be there to understand what a waste it was.

    To my great surprise though I had one game left…

    Super Mario World…

    This is what was different though, The word “Mario” was missing so all that was there was “Super World” as well as the first level “Yoshi’s House” was unplayable, other than that the game played out completely normal and much to my surprise nothing was off except one thing. Mario was gone and you played as his brother Luigi instead, but I did not care and much to the opposite I was excited beyond my mind! I mean we always played as Mario and it was getting annoying to say the least but to save peach as the younger one? It made so happy…

    But that happiness faded away on my third play through of this game.

    The first level was unlocked, but every time I tried to open it the words, “I don’t want to..” came up until the fourth or fifth time I tried.

    Then a textbox appeared…

    “FINE” Was written in blood red colors on a black box..
    After that the screen turned black.

    And I waited, at first I thought the game froze but when I was about to shut it off another textbox appeared.

    “Turn on light?”

    The words were followed by a choice,


    What I did next made me regret every playing this god forsaken game.

    I picked yes…

    But to my horror the room lit up to show that the room was NOTHING like the cute first level in the original.

    The trees were replaced with limbs as well as the fruit being replaced by heads, though they were hard to recognize I soon realized to be all Yoshis. But the thing that still haunts me to this day was the figure in the middle. It was horribly scarred and even with old graphics you could still tell that it’s guts were coming out, but on his head was one recognizable thing. A red hat with a “M” on it..

    I was frozen with fear when I realized that was why I was not Mario, but all Luigi said was…

    “like what I did with the place?…”

    After that a piercing scream emitted from speaking and a face I would never forget, The screen was flooded with a close up of the destroyed Mario’s face

    I run to the TV shut it off, even with the black screen I could still see the face’s outline burned into the screen….

    I must have passed out because I woke in my bed, but then I remembered and ran to find that damned console but it was nowhere in sight, when I called the Nintendo hotline about the Wii I got all they said was that they never sent me one in the first place….

    So I thought it was a dream until last night when I found a note placed on my room’s wall, the ink was a dark brown and often flaked at some parts but on it?

    It said…

    I hope we play again…
    your pal…

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    feel free to edit this in anyway

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