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Featured Story: “Mr. Kalipo” by Q I can’t attest to the accuracy of each reference to Hawaiian folklore and culture, but this is very well written otherwise. It has a “Shining”-like vibe to it with lots of good, unnerving build-up. It has a good pay-off without delving into the “over-the-topness” that so many stories like this wind up veering into.(…)

Featured Story: I Am Not Alone by QuietlyStalking QuietlyStalking is very new here but she’s hit the ground running right out of the gate! Sleep paralysis can be terrifying and I love how the author marries such an alarming condition with the usual tropes of being stalked by supernatural evil. The mix creates something that is somehow even more unnerving! She’s definitely(…)

The Narration Archives

The Narration Archives

You may have Noticed the new Section in the Video Forums The Narration Archives In an endeavor to make the listeners on site find your narrations and videos easier and give feedback we’re throwing in a new forum. On the new forum find the category for your video and create a new thread for your(…)

Featured Story: White Moths by Riven   The more I look back on this story by one of our newcomers, the more I really, really like it. I love the slow build-up in characterization of the two main characters. I love how it paints the perfect picture of the perfect horror setting. But most of all, I love how the(…)

Featured Story: Geogaddi by CreepyZalgo

The idea of writing a story to music or one that is intended to be paired with a specific song is something that’s been on my mind for a while. CreepyZalgo has done a great job free associating here. He brings a very surreal and strange atmosphere to this story that definitely does seem to(…)